Caregiver Award Winners


(Pictured:  Erika Weatherford, RN and Mark Aaroen, Chief Operating Officer, Heritage Operating LLC.)

Tetrick January 2020 Hospice Caregiver of the Month is Krista Gray, RN, Avalon Hospice in Johnson City

Laura Graham, Community Outreach, Tetrick Funeral Services
Kenneth D. Phillips, Nominator
Krista Gray, RN, Avalon Hospice & January Recipient of Hospice Caregiver Award
Carmen Baker, RN, Avalon Hospice

KRISTA GRAY, RN with Avalon Hospice in Johnson City, TN is the winner of the January 2020, Hospice Caregiver Award which is presented by Tetrick Funeral  Services.

Krista was nominated by Mr. Kenneth D. Phillips.  Mr. Phillips had the following to say:

“As I sit here writing this, I know it will be full of mistakes as I don’t have my wife here to correct it.  It has taken me a while to write this as Avalon Hospice has some of the finest people and medical professionals that I have had the privilege of meeting.  One nurse, Carmen Baker, who has years of experience and knowledge and helped guide the other caregivers.  Second, Brooks Monroe, who even as a male nurse my wife was comfortable around.  He always treated her with dignity and respect.  Third, Bethany Brickey, who always came with a smile on her face and when she left everyone was smiling.  Dr. Miller who always listened to his nurses and tried different treatments to ease my wife’s pain.  Last but not least, Krista Gray, RN, my wife’s primary caregiver for almost two years.  In those two years Krista made over 400 visits to care for my wife.  During this time, she always tried to accommodate Lynne’s wishes of being her first patient of the day.  She was not only a nurse but was a friend to my wife and became like family.  My wife talked about her as if she was her daughter.  My wife Lynne was a very demanding person but Krista always did everything she asked with a smile on her face.  On at least two occasions we asked Krista to assist with our wishes for when the end was near in which she did.  Towards the end (the last month) Krista some times came by two or more times a day to check on Lynne.  Right before Christmas, Krista was starting her vacation and she came and visited with Lynne and even did her hair for her.  On January 3rd Krista visited Lynne in the morning and made her comfortable.  Krista came back a couple of hours later and Lynne had expired.  Krista and Gary Knapp assisted me in getting several things done – for which I will be forever grateful.

A person would think that a hospice nurse’s duties would end when their patients pass away but with Krista and the Avalon personnel it did not.  I saw on Facebook that Krista was singing at her church and Lynne had me play her singing over and over again.  Once again, going above and beyond Krista provided music at the funeral as she knew how much Lynne enjoyed hearing her sing.  She came to the burial and I know she has visited Lynne’s grave on numerous occasions.  Several of which she left a flower, a poem, an angel, and even a Christmas ornament.  As you can tell by reading this, Krista went above and beyond her duties as a nurse.  This being said, I would like to nominate her for this monthly award.

Signed forever grateful to all involved,
Kenneth D. Phillips” 


ANGIE PRIVETTE, CNA with Ballad Hospice in Johnson City, TN is the winner of the February 2020, Hospice Caregiver Award that is awarded by Tetrick Funeral Services.

Angie was nominated by Phyllis Cornett who had the following to say: 

My Mother Mary Shipley entered Hospice on February 7, 2018, and Angie became her CNA.  Angie always and at all times was very caring and considerate.  She took her time with Mom and made sure that she was comfortable as she gave Mom the attention and care she needed.  

Angie was always very supportive to me as a caregiver.  She was always there for us and went above and beyond her duties to help us even if we just needed a word of encouragement.  These are the reasons why I would like to nominate her for this award.

Thank you, Angie for going above and beyond what is expected of you by giving your patient and her family love and care with excellence.

Congratulations for being awarded the Tetrick Hospice Caregiver Award for February 2020.