Caregiver Award Winners 2018


(Pictured, Richard Tetrick, President of Tetrick Funeral and Cremation Services; Brooks Monroe, Hospice Caregiver of the Year Award Winner for 2017!)

     CNA with MSHA Hospice

(Pictured are Ruby Barnett, LPN; Laura Graham, Tetrick Funeral & Cremation Services, Torainna Hensley, CNA; and Hannah Counts, RN)

Torainna Hensley, CNA, with Mountain States Health Alliance Hospice in Johnson City, TN is the winner of the JANUARY 2018 Hospice Caregiver Award, presented by Tetrick Funeral & Cremation Services.

Torainna was nominated by Hannah Counts, RN and Ruby Barnett, LPN with MSHA Hospice.  Hannah and Ruby made the following comments about why Torainna was nominated to be the Caregiver of the Month:  

We want to nominate Torainna Hensley for Caregiver of the Month Award.  Torainna has been a blessing to our patients and families since the day she arrived.  She is constantly going out of her way and buying patients little gifts to encourage them to take baths.  We receive weekly compliments about her and how she is “The best CNA they have ever had.”  Many patients will choose to omit their bath if Torainna is off or sick because they trust in the exceptional care they receive from her.  Torainna uses many methods to help patients including singing.  Torainna uses the gift of singing to help bring peace and comfort to those she touches.  Most recently, Torainna was singing in a revival; there she saw the husband of one of her patients.  After the revival was over, on her day off, she drove over to the patient’s home and spent time singing with her.  Torainna NEVER complains; she wears a smile on her face wherever she goes.  Torainna works tirelessly every day for her patients.  Please consider Torainna for this nomination.  She is truly a one-of-a-kind caregiver and we are daily blessed by her.

Congratulations, Torainna, for a job well done!

(Pictured, Laura Graham, Oak Hill Funeral & Cremation Services, Kiersten Harris, RN with Avalon Hospice and Feb. 2018 Recipient, Brenda Jenkins & Shane Dingus, Nominators)

KIERSTEN HARRIS, RN with Avalon Hospice in Kingsport, TN is the winner of the FEBRUARY 2018 Hospice Caregiver Award, presented by Oak Hill Funeral & Cremation Services.

Kiersten was nominated by Brenda Jenkins whose husband Eckle R. Jenkins was Kiersten’s patient.  Brenda made the following comments about why Kiersten was nominated to be the Caregiver of the Month:  

I would like to nominate Kiersten Harris for Caregiver of the Month Award.  She was so attentive not only to my husband but to me and our entire family.  She kept us informed all along.  Kiersten took late night calls and was here within minutes to help me if I needed her.  She was so kind to us and so complete in her work.  She was very kind to my husband and he trusted her.  When my husband passed away, she was here and took care of all of the telephone calls that were needed to be made and thoroughly did all of the paperwork so that everything was in order.  This was such a blessing and help for me.

Congratulations Kiersten for a job well done!